Rotary tube furnace

Tubular furnaces adopt the advanced high-performance and energy-saving electric furnace developed by adopting international advanced technology. They have single-tube, double-tube, horizontal, one-piece, vertical, rotating and other tubular furnaces. main Applied to universities and colleges, research institutes, industrial and mining enterprises, such as experiments and small batch production.


The process is mature, the furnace structure is simple, the operation is easy, easy to control, continuous production, ethylene, propylene yield higher product concentration, less power consumption, high thermal efficiency, pyrolysis gas and most of flue gas can try to recover, The scope of application of raw materials with the progress of cracking technology is gradually expanding, you can multi-furnace combination of large-scale production.


Tube furnace is mainly used in metallurgy, glass, heat treatment, lithium anode and cathode materials, new energy, abrasive and other industries,the determination of materials in a certain temperature conditions of professional equipment. Furnace structure is simple, easy to operate,easy to control, continuous production


  • Highest temperature:1200℃(Maximum temperature optional 1700°C)
  • Temperature zone length:400mm(Can be customized according to needs)
  • Constant temperature zone:240mm
  • Tube size:Φ60*1000mm
  • Temperature control accuracy:± 1℃
  • Heating rate:0~20 °C / min
  • Maximum power:3KW
  • Operating Voltage:AC 220V Single 50 Hz
  • Rotary Control Furnace Rotation Speed: 0~7RPM, rotation mode can be set to continuous rotation and intermittent rotation