Continuous Belt Furnace


[BCW products] by furnace, mesh belt drive system and atmosphere control system, the speed of net belt running through the inverter to adjust, equipped with digital display devices. Control system controlled by the temperature control, intelligent instruments and gas supply and so on, forming a closed-loop control system.


Furnace temperature uniformity, automatic control, energy saving, safe and convenient, batch production, with cleaning and tempering, automatic feeding unit into the production line.


Used in batch of small and medium mechanical parts, such as screw, hardware, hand tools, transmission chain. Bearings, standard parts, etc.) in the controlled atmosphere carbonitriding, quenching, tempering heat treatment process, etc.


  • emperature uniformity:≤±5℃
  • Carbon potential uniformity:≤±0.05CP
  • Carburizing layer depth:0.25 - 2.2(MM)