Our Products

Horizontal Vacuum Tempering Furnace

The forced gas convection in the first phase of the thermal cycle improves uniformity at low temperatures facilitating irradiance and improving the heating speed in the middle of massive loads.

Multi-purpose Furnace With Controlled Atmosphere

It can be used for the metal products carburzing, carbon nitrogen infitration, two times bright quenching and so on.

Protective Atmosphere Well Deep Furnace

Steel mill, mining, oil chemical industry, engineering machinery, wind power and other products of gas carburizing, quenching, normalizing, annealing..

Continuous Belt Furnace

Applied to the batch of small and medium mechanical parts, such as screw, hardware, hand tools, transmission chain, bearings, standard parts in the atmosphere carbonitriding, quenching, tempering heat treatment process, etc.

Box Type Heating Furnace

It is mainly used for heat treatment of metal parts or alloy steel parts in air. Mainly for metal parts or alloy steel parts in airUsed for heat treatment processing. Used in conjunction with the control cabinet, the temperature of the furnace can be controlled manually or automatically.

Rotary tube furnace

Applied in research areas such as material science and geology.Specific applications include gaseous reduction of ores and analysis of ores and metallurgical slags.