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Sof Shavua’s Staff Spotlight…

 10 Things You
 Didn’t Know About …
Robert Miller
Substitute Coordinator

1. My favorite “candy” is wax lips (usually found around Halloween).
2. In 1992, I had a daily 15-minutre radio segment on WBAL in Baltimore to remind listeners there were no Orioles tickets available.
3. Once, when I was “in a mood,” I ate six orders of cinnamon toast for dinner.
4. I like to drop in unannounced at various state capitols and ask for a meeting with the governor (got one, too).
5. When I was younger, on school photo day, I would send my [twin] brother in my place.
6. One of my distant relatives was Jack Weston, a well-known character actor in movies and television from yesteryear.
7. I am a geography nut; I can find Ouagadougou on a map. (It’s a real place… look it up.)
8. I once commandeered a bus in Seattle. Well, that’s what some people claim. I maintain I only “asked for a ride” back to the hotel.
9. I once had a private audience with former president Gerald Ford – only, neither he or I knew it at the time.
10. I will never, ever, ever, EVER reveal my Hebrew name. It’s so unique it must not be said aloud.