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Sof Shavua’s Staff Spotlight…

10 Things You
Didn’t Know About …
Julie Rank, Registrar

1. I jumped out of a plane… twice.
2. My grandfather’s grandmother was a Chippewa Indian … thus, I’m a member of the Sault Ste. Marie Tribe of Chippewa Indians (and have an Indian card).
3. I worked Eugene Applebaum and Max Ernst while putting myself through college. (Owners of the former Arbor Drugs pharmacy chain.)
4. I hitchhiked to California and Florida in my younger, “wilder” years.
5. I love to read and am usually reading three books at a time.
6. I volunteered at the Wayne Co. Juvenile Detention Home and Oakland Co. Children’s Village for many years.
7. We often had a parakeet in our home growing up and I’ve had two as an adult.  Some of their funny names were Periwinkle, Twinkletoes and Skittles.
8. My husband and I love Mackinac Island and go every year.
9. I taught preschoolers for five years, teens for 15 years and women for five years in my church.
10. I LOVE music