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Science Department

Genetically Modified Muppets Created in the Genesis Lab

By Nick Mantas, Science Dept. Chair

ANOTHER PROJECT HAS been completed in the Genesis Lab. This one involves our freshmen biology classes mating beloved Sesame Street
Ms. Figueroa’s students just finished their study of growth and development, and are now immersed in the analysis
of Mendelian genetics.
In the experiment, students played the role of geneticists, using their skill to study the genome for the recently discovered Sesamus Muppetis (Sesame Street characters).
They identified four chromosomes for this new creature and discovered the specific gene locations for the following traits: nose size, nose color, eye shape, eyelids, tongue, fur color and hair.
Using this information, students genetically engineered offspring between two Sesamus Muppetis and, based off the discovered genetic code, printed pictures of the “new creatures” and their inherited traits on the vinyl cutter.
If you look closely, you can see the genetic differences on the student characters compared to the parents that you would see on PBS.