The Final Gala

Last week was our final visit to Meer for the school year. I’m sad that this whole adventure is ending, but I’m very happy I got to meet Lou. We had a gala where we sat down at tables that had pink table clothes and beautiful flowers. The head of our school came and spoke to them as well as our teacher. Next all the students got up and said a couple things about their partners. I said, “Lou, you are such an extraordinary drawer and I’m so glad you shared your talents with me. I loved seeing the pictures you drew. I also loved when you gave me a lesson on how to draw. I cannot thank you enough for this experience; you have impacted me more than you know.”¬†After this my mother came and sat with us. We all talked and enjoy some delicious food together.

Signing up for this PAL was a very great decision. The bond I made with all of the elderly at Meer, specifically Lou, is incredible. Before I left I thanked them for a great time and they told me that I better come and visit them, and of course, I will. I got their phone numbers and plan on calling them this summer so I can visit them!