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Our last meet – the gala

Thursday was our last visit to Meer. We arrived to our partners waiting in the usual room, but this time there were tables draped in pink. On the table were the shirts we designed; they looked amazing. I sat with Div and we began chatting, even during the other speakers she would talk to me and say a joke here and there. All of the students went up to speak. We shared thanks and appreciation in a minute at most. Here is what I said to Div:

“If I’m being honest here, doing this with you has changed my life. Age isn’t a barrier for friendship and life isn’t lived with boundaries. I have never met someone like you Div, someone who shares my unlimited point of view and love for art. I’ve loved spending time with you Div, thank you for showing me a new perspective.”

Following my small speech, I sat back down next to Div. She gave me a hug and we finished listening to the speakers.

After all of the speakers we began to eat tuna fish and egg salad sandwiches. We spoke, pondered summer plans, considered the next action. I drew a picture for Div and gave it to her. On it was a girl with the words “it is just the beginning” next to her. This was the end of our class coming to Meer every Thursday, but it wasn’t the end of everything. In fact, it was just the beginning.