Half a Year at Meer

Last Thursday was our final visit to Meer. To wrap up the year, we held a gala and ate food with the residents. Each student wrote a short note to their partner about them, and we all recited them during the ceremony. This was mine, about my partner Rose:

“Rose, I am so glad I got to meet you this year! You’re not only super nice, but also really sincere. I can always tell that you’re actually listening intently to what I say and I’m so glad that we can hear each other clearly and have such meaningful conversations. One time when our school came to Meer we talked about disagreeing constructively and discussed some perspectives that I hadn’t really thought about much before. Having that conversation with you has shown me a new point of view—to try talking things out and not argue instead of immediately resorting to anger—that I now try to apply to my own life. Thank you so much for all the things I’ve learned from you and every experience we have shared.”

We ate little tuna sandwiches and crackers and talked about the future. What both of us were going to do this summer, which college I would inevitably end up at, as well as which colleges her grandchildren were at or looking at, and keeping in touch next year. When I left, I told a few residents how much fun I had getting to know them and that I was so glad we got to meet each other. We said our goodbyes to each other, and then separated for good until Fall.

Rewind a few months, and I’m on my way to Meer for the first time. When we arrive I’m nervous because I’m not sure if I’ll meet a resident that I’ll have good connection with, and I’m not sure what we’ll talk about or if we’ll end up running out of things to talk about. I met Rose for the first time that day and had so many great experiences with her since then. We discussed technology and how things were in the past, we ate food at Soul Cafe, and discussed argueing productively, among other things. This entire semester has been full of great memories and I am so thankful that I was a part if it.