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Evening of the Arts Preview

In a culmination of a school year’s worth of learning, practice, experimentation, and execution, the Annual Evening of the Arts spring collection of visual and performance pieces will be on display Tuesday, May 31 from 7:00-9:00 pm at the JCC in West Bloomfield.

Exhibitions of artwork will be featured in the lobby of the JCC followed by live musical selections at the adjacent Berman Center for the Performing Arts.The event is free and open to the entire Frankel Jewish Academy Community.

The program includes:


Ceramics features coil pots, illuminaries, vases, and tea bowls using specific equipment such as an extender and potter’s wheel.

Digital Photography developed pieces focusing on composition and visual storytelling.

Graphic Arts created works using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign, analyzing what is effective in advertising and graphic design.

Drawing & Painting worked with students at various skill levels.  Beginning Art students learned about studies in light and dark and portraits. Advanced Art students created work depicting the experience of Jews who were denied permission to emigrate from the Soviet Union (Refuseniks) and interpretations of a passage from a book.  Independent Art students developed personalized projects of individual goals.

Woodworking taught students how to craft a project utilizing recycled wood and advanced carving and table saw techniques.  Students incorporated the natural element of grain, colors, and textures found within selected recycled wood.


Fashion Project showcases individually designed fashion pieces of creative expressions.

Playwriting offers a new segment to Evening of the Arts.  Students created monologues, scenes, and a 10-minute play as well as journal writing and storytelling.

Stagecraft gave students the opportunity to explore the operation, safety techniques, and internal elements used in staging an event in a theater.  Students built scenery for FJA’s spring play and are providing the technical support for Evening of the Arts.

Video Production presents original concepts using composition, lighting, editing skills, storyboarding, and filming to display unique videos.

Music Ensemble concludes the event with a varied and diverse collection of music including classic rock, jazz, fusion, and funk.  Students in this class perform on the viola, violin, bass guitar, keyboards, and drums and accompany their music with vocals.

Come support the student artists and enjoy the talent on display.